Hey Sean,
I was just curious about what you use to record your podcasts. All of them are
awesome! Keep it up!   - Colin

Hey Colin,
Thanks!  You can actually see my digital voice recorder in these podcasts:
Where R U Sending That?, A Kid Kissing a Donut, A Letter to Denise,
R U a Miniature Detective?.  It's an Edirol R-09HR.  My parents got it
for me a few years ago.  It works really well.  - Sean
Hi.  I'm reading your book.  Which entertainment company are you working
for?  - Mikey

Sorry, Mikey.  I can't give the names of the companies, because I'm still
working with them, and they might not like me talking about it.  Wait till you
see what happens with those companies in the second book!!  - Sean
Is your hair long or short?  (from Mario)

Interesting question.  I had to look in the mirror to find the answer.  I would say
that it's sort of in between.  If you go to the
Hair page you can hear the song I wrote
about my hair, and soon I'll be posting an interview there that I did with Gary, who
cuts my hair.  He's from Russia.
Where do you live?  (also from Mario)

Sorry I can't tell you exactly, but it's West of New York and East of California.
So, in the book 'I Represent Sean Rosen', you are supposed to be 13.  You
sound, like, 10 on the website.  Why is that?  Thanks.  - Ethan

Boys' voices change at all different times.  For example, my friend Ethan (not
you) is also 13, but he sounds like he's 43.  I didn't know him then, but his
voice probably changed when he was 6.  I started recording the podcasts before
I was 13, before my voice started changing.  But not when I was 10.  It's still
changing, which you'll hear if you
subscribe to my podcasts.  -Sean
Will we ever find out what your big idea is?
Sean, is A Week With Your Grandparents a real movie? If so, can
you please put it on the site? (from MexicanPrincess)

A Week With Your Grandparents is going to be a real movie, but
for now, I'm still writing the screenplay.  There's a really cool scene
from it in
Sean Rosen Is Not For Sale, which comes out in March.
What would u say is the best way to become an actor?  - Joshua

Hey, Joshua.  I don't know too much about how to be an actor.  I use real
people in
my podcasts.  Now when I start working in Hollywood, I will use
actors, and I keep a list of actors I like who I want to work with someday.  For
you, I would say maybe take a class, but you'll also learn a lot if you start
making videos of yourself acting.  It's not that hard to do.  Good luck!  - Sean
Dear Sean Rosen,
This isn't really a question but I really like your podcast. I actually admire
your work.  I know you didn't write the book but I'm pretty sure you had
something to do with it. I'm only on Chapter 17 (I started yesterday
afternoon, I'm a fast reader)) but I love the book so far.

P.S.: I am a fan of your work it's tots awesome.
"Best," Nowjeerah

Thanks, Nowjeerah!  - Sean
Do you ever wish you had a brother or sister?  (from Carson)

Actually, no.  It's probably fun (some of the time), but after 13 years,
I'm used to being the only kid who lives in my house.  I like it.
Hi Sean Rosen,
I just got your book today, and I’m really enjoying it.
I'm on chapter 7 already. I really like your podcasts.  
I have one question though, why did you start this
book?  I'm going to do a book report on it for school
thats how good it is. Thanks!!!!!!
Thanks for your question.  I always liked  writing
and I like making videos, too.  I guess I hope other
people will be interested.  You never know, but if
someone I don't know (like you) tells me you like
what I do, it makes me want to keep doing it.
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Hello, I love your podcasts and your books and this may or may not be a stupid
question but how did you make your website? It’s pretty sweet. Are you
making a 3rd book?  -Dylan

Thanks, Dylan.  Yeah, a lot more happens, especially after that big thing at the
end of the second book, so yes.  I made my website using the site building
program that came with the hosting plan.  It's pretty easy to work with.  -Sean
Dear Sean Rosen, Do you like dogs?  -Leyna

No, Leyna, I don't like dogs.  I LOVE dogs.  I'm going to add some
more videos to my dog podcast soon, and of course there's all the
stuff with Baxter in the second book.  He's on the cover!!
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Are you Jeff Baron?  Or did he just help you write the book?  - Aidan

Hi Aidan.  I'm actually Sean Rosen.  But I tell Jeff Baron a lot of stuff.
In the book Sean Rosen Is Not For Sale, it says that it is a work of fiction. Is
that true?  - Jessica
Are you a real person?  - Jaclyn

Thanks, Jessica.  Thanks, Jaclyn.  Everything feels real to me.  - Sean
What is your 2nd favorite donut?  - Ryan
Boston Cream!  I want one now!!!  - Sean
For a free download of my donut song go to:
Letters to Dan Welch
Hi Dan~
I love Sean's book and I wanted to tell him that i have spent all day reading it and
have not put it down. I am currently on page 320 and love his podcasts.
I hope the movie works out for you!
Best, Janet (Another 13 year old)
Just wanted to let you know that you're doing well with Sean.  Sean was lucky to think of
you as a manager (no, literally).  
I liked Sean's book a lot, so I just wanted to let you know that.
Bye!  - Joey
I think these books should be a movie.

I think so too!  Best, Dan Welch
Are you still making videos? I looked everywhere for Sean Rosen Is Not for
. Already own the first one. Where can I find it?  Thx, - reading4life
Yes!  I'm still making videos, and there will be a new one soon.  Yes!  
Read the second book!  Click
here to get the name of a bookstore near
you.  If they don't have it, they can order it.  You can also order it online
Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the publisher.   - Sean
Riley, you had a lot of questions.  Here are the ANSWERS.  -Sean
-Do you actually have a cousin named Jakey?   YES
-What made you pick the name Chris & Chloe for the movie?  IF MY NAME
-How old is Dan Welch? How old are you?  HE'S 40 SOMETHING, I'M 13.
-Dan Welch has 1 kid right?  NO, HE HAS TWO.
-What did Stefanie name her kid???  SEE PAGE 210 IN THE FIRST BOOK.
-Did Collectibles Dan Welch give you any more exotic offers?    
If you want to send in a question for me, click here
If you want to send in a question for me, click here
Can u interview me for one of your shows? - Ralston
So far, I'm only interviewing people who live in my town, but if that ever changes,
I will let you know.  Thanks for writing! - Sean
Hi, my name is Zachary. I was wondering if you can do a podcast about the
WWE because I think it will be an interesting topic about does it look fake.
Another idea is for the Super Bowl. That might sound cool like who is gonna win.
Please get back ASAP. THANK YOU!!!
Hi, Zachary.  Two good ideas.  Thanks!
I'll talk it over with my podcast production staff (Ethan).
Ask Sean Rosen
Letters to Dan Welch are way
at the bottom of this page.
Dear Sean,
First of all, I love your podcasts. I think the donut ones are my favorite. I
read both of your books. I really think it is cool that you make your own
podcasts and made your own scripts and you are making your own TV show,
and on your way to making a movie. I can tell you really worked hard to
accomplish that.  Keep up the good work!  -  Yours Truly, Erica

Dear Erica,
Thank you for one of the nicest letters I ever got.  It is a lot of hard work, but it
is worth it.  I will keep up the work, and I hope it's good!  - Sean
Wat town do you live in?  - Ralston
Ralston, I wish I could tell you, but if you read
Sean Rosen Is Not for Sale, you'll know why I can't.  Thanks for writing, though.  - Sean
Ok, I really LOVE your books and your podcasts, but why don't you ever
show your face? Like ever... This was a weird question, sorry. P.S. You
have a great sense of humor!  -  Eden

Eden, thanks for all the nice things you said.  I don't think that's such a weird
question.  I don't show my face because I'm a little shy, and I want my guests to be
the stars.  But I don't really show
their faces either, do I?  I guess I want you get
to know the people in the podcasts in other ways - by their voices and by the
things they say.  - Sean
I've finished the second book but I haven't seen the third one.  Is it
ever going to come out?            -Your BIGGEST Fan Wyatt

Hi Wyatt, thanks for the question.  There will be a third Sean Rosen
book... someday.  But the next book out will be
Electro-Pup.  You
know what that's about if you read the second Sean book.